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A specialised and dedicated range of services to financial services companies.



Actaco Financial is a Malta-based advisory directed by Alexia Farrugia. It assists licensed financial intermediaries and investment services companies established in Malta, with their Governance, Risk Management, Anti Money Laundering and Operational requirements.


The services offered by the firm are Non-Executive Director, Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) and Risk Manager. These positions within licensed companies are taken in person either by the director or by an MFSA approved team member. The Actaco team can then assist clients in both the pre-licensing and post- licensing stage, particularly in setting up and implementing the policies, procedures and operational processes that are mandatory for companies licensed in financial services.


The main focus at Actaco is to consistently meet the client’s need to get things done swiftly and efficiently, by a highly experienced professional team, without any sacrifice to quality or attention to detail. High standards of good governance and best practice are firmly ingrained into our organisation as we believe that they are the pillars towards providing an excellent service.

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